After a long break, I’ve started to play again. Most of my gifting friends have stopped playing, so I need new ones to trade gifts with!

My ranch is named Susitar

I’m also looking for ranches that have the Beowulf (viking) horse. Doesn’t have to be totally pure, colours don’t matter so much.

I’m also looking for black horses with black wings, but with the shining blue eyes (known as “Apparition eyes” on Derby wiki).

Heyya! I stopped playing for a long while but I'm getting back into Derby Days so add me! - DaisyDew

Hey, yeah! Welcome back! :D

My ranch!

Hi everyone! My ranch name is Bioncle4Ever, but you can search me up by looking up KittyKat234. Also, just got 1st double winged horse! Super excited! Come check out my ranch if you like, but please tell me if you added me so I can add you back. Thanks!

My daughter is very upset about one of her horses disappearing. Is there anyway to get it back?

That depends on how it disappeared. If it was Retired, then no, unfortunately, there’s no way to get them back from that. If you have any extra yards, see if it was accidentally moved to one of those, or perhaps it was moved behind a large object where you can’t immediately see it, like a barn?

What is the age to be playing derby days?? Is 12 to old??? Or is it old enough???????

You’re never too old to play a game, and according to Com2uS ToS, a minor just needs permission from a legal guardian to make purchases wih real money, so you seem to be old enough to play as well. 

I was just reading your FAQ. Regarding breeding hours I know 24hr can give high value horses with no wings. I have 4 ranging from 49-52 value that were 24hr matings. I also suspect you can get 48hr no wing horses, one ranch has a horse value 58 with no wings I think this was a 48hr mating. Mating hours relate more to horse values than where or not the horse will have wings. Cheers Derbydads
Just started playing not long ago. Need more friends. Add me: snh101188 :)

Ello everyone, welcome to my ranch, I finally got my account back! Soooo happy! Please visit my ranch (it is worth a see) I do have a couple good horses. I have a flamed winged horse which has 4 h left, a double winged horse in the back yard which has 20 h left, and a 3 1/2 h guardian winged horse 

Add me and come see Thor :D! Ranch: BigWolf

Hi there! I am trying to figure out exactly how colors for body and mane work, so if you would like to help the compilation and data collection, submit pictures to my tumblr :3 I really appreciate the help!

Ranch: UnicornAsylum