Just started playing not long ago. Need more friends. Add me: snh101188 :)

Ello everyone, welcome to my ranch, I finally got my account back! Soooo happy! Please visit my ranch (it is worth a see) I do have a couple good horses. I have a flamed winged horse which has 4 h left, a double winged horse in the back yard which has 20 h left, and a 3 1/2 h guardian winged horse 

Add me and come see Thor :D! Ranch: BigWolf

Hi there! I am trying to figure out exactly how colors for body and mane work, so if you would like to help the compilation and data collection, submit pictures to my tumblr :3 I really appreciate the help!

Ranch: UnicornAsylum

What happens if you accedentily sell a swinging hammy for the valentines event?! Will it not count because you dont have all four! Will you not recieve Lulu! I really really want Lulu!

I’m trying to find the specifics for this even. You generally don’t get a prize for anything that requires items (like the achievements) unless you have all of the prizes at the same time when they’re giving the prize, so no, I would assume if you sell it you will not receive Lulu. However, normally the events care more about logging in than having items. If it says “log in [x] days this week” then you’ll get her regardless of whether you keep the hammies. If it says “have [y] hammies on friday” you won’t. If it only says “on friday, you get lulu” then it shouldn’t matter. However, to be on the safe side, I’d keep the hammie until after you have lulu on your ranch

Ranch: Elivigar

Ranch: Elivigar

Training to Level 100

In answer to a previous question: It takes 114,084 XP for a horse to get from level 1 to 100. The 2-hour training option gives 125 XP… so… You’d need to train them about 913 times. That sounds like a lot but I have many level 103 horses so it’s possible! I do apologize if my math is incorrect but I kept a chart of how much XP a horse needs to reach each level here: http://derbydays.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:LadyMeow/Levels_and_XP

I find you only need up to level 94-95 to beat all the derbies and get the 10 cash reward though. Hope that helps and best of luck!

Can I sell a horse in derby days, if so how. Also can you change a horses name if so how.

First question, no. “Selling” them using the options tool (like for moving them around) will result in retirement. 

To change a name, you need to buy the renaming item from the shop using cash.

About how long does it take to train a horse fully (at least to level 100) using the two hour option?

I personally haven’t gotten to 100, so I have no idea. Any followers know?

Could we get back retired horses?

Nope. Once retired, horses can’t be brought back out of retirement